Pediatric and Adult Facial Trauma


Pediatric and Adult Facial Trauma

Facial trauma repair requires a skilled, experienced, and sensitive plastic surgeon who can provide the best possible repair with minimal scarring. Dr. Rodwell has performed numerous successful facial trauma repair surgeries on both adults and children, whether the damage was due to lacerations or facial fractures.

This surgery is often more than just cosmetic. Besides repairing the skin, the surgeon must also make sure that the muscles and bone structure of the face function normally. This requires a thorough knowledge of facial anatomy and the ability to repair muscle tissue and bone for normal movement.

Dr. Rodwell’s skill and attention to detail is special, and I consider myself lucky to have chosen a time when he was available to touch my life.

—Gwen W.

Why consider Pediatric or Adult Facial Trauma Surgery with Dr. Rodwell?

Pediatric or Adult Facial Trauma Surgery can:

  • Restore the face to a normal appearance after injury or the effects of surgery
  • Repair facial lacerations of skin and/or muscle tissue
  • Repair facial fractures for both aesthetics and functioning

Dr. Rodwell’s Approach to Pediatric and Adult Facial Trauma Surgery

No two surgeries to repair facial trauma are the same. Dr. Rodwell will examine your injuries and determine the best surgical plan to provide you with the most beautiful results possible. He will tell you exactly what to expect before, during, and after your surgery, as well as make sure you have realistic expectations.

Dr. Rodwell has terrific bedside manner with both adults and children, and he understands the emotional stress associated with facial injuries. He knows that you are putting your trust in him to help you look like yourself again.

For minor surgeries, a local anesthetic and sedation will be enough, but for young children and more extensive repairs, the surgery is performed using general anesthesia. In severe cases, the patient may need to spend a night or two in the hospital.

What to Expect After Pediatric or Adult Facial Trauma Surgery

Since every facial trauma surgery is highly individualized, it’s difficult to discuss recovery in general terms. Dr. Rodwell will do everything he can to make you or your child’s recovery as fast and comfortable as possible. Most surgeries involve some pain, swelling, and bruising. These symptoms can be managed with pain medication, however, and keeping the head elevated for a few days will decrease inflammation.

Dr. Rodwell will provide you with thorough post-operative instructions, and he will monitor your progress in follow-up examinations.

If you are considering pediatric or adult facial trauma repair surgery in Charleston, contact Dr. Rodwell today to discuss your candidacy.