Chin Implants


Chin Implants

A weak chin can have a significant impact on how people relate to you and can cause your face to look out of proportion. For this reason, chin implants are popular with most men and women.

Chin implant surgery or chin augmentation is a procedure that installs a synthetic implant to make the chin more prominent. It is highly customized so that the size and shape of the implant is appropriate for each individual’s face. The procedure is sometimes performed at the same time as a facelift or rhinoplasty (nose surgery) for greater overall facial proportion and symmetry.

Dr. Rodwell is a skilled surgeon with a terrific bedside manner. No one compares with this level of work.

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Why consider a Chin Implant?

A Chin Implant can:

  • Provide a better defined jaw line/profile and stronger chin
  • Create better facial proportion
  • Give balance to the profile of the nose

Dr. Rodwell’s Approach to Chin Implants

Dr. Rodwell will listen to your desires for your chin and will evaluate and examine your facial anatomy. He will then make educated recommendations as to the size and shape of your implant. He prefers silastic implants, which are made of silicone and have a long-term track record of safety. These come in various sizes and shapes, but Dr. Rodwell will often trim and customize the shape and contour of the implant to tailor it just for you.

Again, the aim is a stronger chin that is proportionate with the rest of your face so that the outcome is natural-looking. The goal is to provide an appropriate balance with the nose and a pleasing contour to the neck line.

The surgery is performed either under a local anesthetic and sedation or under general anesthesia. The incisions are usually made under the chin or inside the lower lip so that they are mostly hidden. The incision lines will fade over time.

You can go home the same day as long as someone is available to drive you home.

What to Expect After Chin Implant Surgery

The chin must be taped after your surgery to minimize swelling for 4-5 days. Dr. Rodwell will provide you with full post-op instructions. Most people choose to take a week or two off from work.

Internal stitches will dissolve, while any non-dissolvable stitches will be removed when you see Dr. Rodwell for a follow-up appointment.

There will be some soreness, bruising, and swelling. You can take pain medication and apply cold packs to reduce discomfort. Keeping your head elevated will also decrease swelling. When all inflammation has subsided, you will see the final result of your chin implant surgery.

If you are considering chin implant surgery in Charleston, contact Dr. Rodwell today to discuss your candidacy.