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Because the nose is at the center of our facial appearance, any issues such as bulges, crookedness, or a generally large nose size can cause aesthetic issues and lower an individual’s self-esteem. Rhinoplasty (nose job) is a surgical procedure which can improve the balance between your nose and the rest of your facial features.

Dr. Rodwell understands facial anatomy and how to enhance its beauty while keeping functionality intact. While training with renowned plastic surgeons, Dr. Rodwell gained superior knowledge and skill not available to most surgeons. With this ability, Dr. Rodwell continues to offer the highest quality surgical care for nose surgery in Charleston and the Southeastern United States.

During your rhinoplasty procedure, not only can Dr. Rodwell correct functional problems, he can reshape, reduce, or enhance nose contours at the same time. For patients who want to avoid surgery, non-surgical rhinoplasty may be used to improve the appearance of the nose. Dr. Rodwell incorporates dermal fillers to reshape the nose into the desired size, shape, and balance.

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Welcome to Charleston Facial Plastic Surgery

Bring out your natural beauty with Charleston Facial Plastic Surgery, the leader in cosmetic, reconstructive and functional procedures in South Carolina. Charleston Facial Plastic Surgery is dedicated to providing and performing cosmetic and reconstructive procedures solely in the eyes, nose, neck –we focus on enhancing the facial structures to help reveal your inner beauty.

At Charleston Facial Plastic surgery, we believe in providing you with beautiful, natural-looking cosmetic results without the need to dramatically alter your appearance. Instead, we will combine medicine, technology, and artistry to help bring out the natural beauty of your face.

Patient Satisfaction is Our Priority

Dr. David Rodwell and the professional team at Charleston Facial Plastic Surgery are trained and certified to give you optimum satisfaction, regardless of whether you come in for a surgical or non-surgical procedure. Our facility is equipped with the latest technology and is designed with a refined atmosphere to make your visit with us comfortable and relaxing.

On your initial visit at Charleston Facial Plastic Surgery, you will be assisted by our friendly staff. As you consult with Dr. Rodwell, he will ask you to discuss in detail your desired results, perform a thorough medical evaluation to know if a procedure is right for you, and then create a customized or individualized treatment plan. This process will ensure that you will be fully satisfied with our cosmetic services.

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