Skin Cancer Surgery

Skin Cancer Surgery

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States, but when the cancer is removed it can leave scars or disfigurements. A plastic surgeon can then reconstruct the area to restore a more normal appearance to the skin.

Dr. Rodwell can remove skin cancer, and he also provides expert techniques for Skin Cancer Reconstruction after squamous cell, basal cell, or melanoma skin cancer lesions have been removed. He will work closely with your dermatologist to determine the best timing for your reconstructive surgery. In some cases, it can be performed right away, while others must wait for some healing to take place before reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

ear skin cancerWhy consider Skin Cancer Surgery?

Skin Cancer Reconstruction can:

  • Restore a normal appearance after skin cancer has been removed

Dr. Rodwell’s Approach to Skin Cancer Surgery

Skin Cancer Reconstruction is highly tailored for each patient’s requirements. Dr. Rodwell can use a variety of techniques to restore the area to as close to normal as possible. This might involve skin grafts and/or tissue grafts from other areas of the body or rearrangement of the healthy normal skin next to an area where a skin cancer was removed.

During your consultation, Dr. Rodwell will examine you and determine the best surgical plan for your case. He will tell you everything you can expect before, during, and after your procedure, as well as make sure you have realistic expectations for your results.

Whether the surgery is performed using local anesthesia and sedation or using general anesthesia will depend on the extent of reconstruction you need. In extreme cases, a night or two in the hospital may be necessary.

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What to Expect After Skin Cancer Surgery

Skin cancer removal first starts with a biopsy to establish a diagnosis.  The final results can take several days or more for a Pathologist to fully evaluate the biopsy and give a detailed diagnosis.  At that point, the plan for removing the cancer will be more clear.

Skin cancer reconstruction often does not require much downtime, but obviously, the more severe the case, the more likely you will need to take time off from work for healing. Like most surgeries, there will probably be some bruising, swelling, and soreness after reconstruction. The degree of these symptoms will depend on the extent of your procedure.

Dr. Rodwell will tell you how to care for your stitches during the healing process. He will also do everything possible to make your recovery comfortable. This will include appointments to make sure you are healing properly.

Pain medication will be provided for mild discomfort, and any external stitches will be removed during one of your follow-up examinations.

If you are considering skin cancer surgery or skin cancer reconstruction in Charleston, contact Dr. Rodwell today to discuss your candidacy.