Cosmetic Facial Surgery in Charleston

At Charleston Facial Plastic Surgery, we offer multiple operations designed to rejuvenate youthful appearance and beauty. Employing our surgical solutions, board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. David Rodwell can reverse the signs of aging, improve facial contours, and give you a younger version of yourself! Here are the surgical procedures we offer our patients in the Charleston, SC area:

Facelift / Revision Facelift

Dr. Rodwell performs facelift and revision facelift to help his patients turn back the clock on aging. A facelift does more than just tighten skin, it recontours the face while considering cosmetic and functional improvements. Learn more.

Fat Grafting

Fat grafting or fat transfer is a procedure to remove fat from one area on the body and transfer the living tissue to facial hollows. When facial volume becomes an aesthetic concern, Dr. Rodwell offers microfat transfer or the revolutionary technique, nanofat transfer, which employs stem cells and growth factors to enhance the skin. Learn more.

Lip Enhancement

Women want full lips to emulate much desired contours like a cupids bow or keyhole pout. Dr. Rodwell employs dermal fillers or injectables for versatile options to address thin lips, smokers’ lines, or gummy smiles. Other treatments help as well. Learn more.

Chin Augmentation

A weak chin can wreak havoc on your facial profile and cause your facial balance to suffer. Dr. Rodwell can use dermal fillers or chin implants to build up your chin profile for facial symmetry and proportion. Learn more.

Buccal Fat Removal

Excess buccal fat affects the cheek area making them look chubby or too full. Buccal fat removal is a procedure that removes buccal fat pads on each side of the face to redefine cheekbones and jawline. It can be done concurrently with other facial enhancements like neck liposuction for optimal results. Learn more.

Contact Dr. Rodwell today to discuss your candidacy for these transformative procedures.