FFAS Spring Event 2018

State of the Art in Facial Aesthetics celebrated its 25th anniversary March 1st through the 4th in New Orleans, Louisiana. Dr. Rodwell is proud to have spoken at the event, which was exciting, memorable, and highly informative.

Presented by FFAS, or the Foundation for Facial Aesthetic Surgery, the conference presents some of the best speakers in the industry with a variety of “tracks” offering something for everyone throughout the weekend.  Each track is broken up into a specific topic, offering educational content through lectures or live demonstrations.

During the surgical track, several live facial surgeries took place. This track showcased rhinoplasty, facelift, pinch blepharoplasty, genioplasty, and implant procedures. Further information on forehead, midface, and facelift procedures, as well as complications and safety, was addressed.

During track two, non-surgical procedures were highlighted. Not only were there live demonstrations, but attendees learned about the latest treatment methodologies and technology.

Finally, track three pertained to staff training – a useful track for any doctor or physician in the industry, regardless of his or her specialty. Insightful information regarding management, marketing, law and legal rights, and patient experiences were provided.

Throughout the weekend, Dr. Rodwell gave three different lectures on cutting edge techniques, ranging from non-surgical rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, and the practice of using fillers for hollowness in the temples. He also was the guest moderator for a live injection demonstration and presented a lecture on the art of the consultation and developing relationships with patients.


The faculty of the 25th annual State of the Art in Facial Aesthetics meeting