How to Apply Makeup After a Facelift

Wondering about how to apply makeup after your facelift procedure? Charleston Facial Plastic Surgery created this helpful infographic that includes tips on doing just that. Dr. Rodwell recommends that patients wait at least 1 week into recovery before applying makeup to affected areas. For more information about applying makeup after a facelift procedure, please contact Charleston Facial Plastic Surgery.

Day Moisturizer

In the daytime, prime your face with a lightweight moisturizer that has at least SPF 30. Keeping your skin hydrated is important for healing while sun protections will help prevent scarring.

Makeup Products

Only use makeup products that you have used in the past and that your skin is accustomed to. Do not use new products that could provoke any unknown skin reaction or irritation.

Makeup Applicator

Dab your liquid foundation and creamy concealer onto your face with your fingertips gently to provide full coverage over any bruises without further agitating your recovery.

Night Cleanser

Every night before bed, remove your makeup with a gentle cleanser taking care not to scrub or tug on your sensitive skin.

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