The Secret to Great Skin

Trust your face to a specialist to keep your secret safe.

This is not Los Angeles.

Some people desire more dramatic changes, and that is OK.  However, many of our patients are searching for a more discreet way to improve their appearance and look years younger without giving away their secret.  The secret to great skin is to start with a careful evaluation of the signs of aging then develop a customized treatment plan.

The key is to improve the surface appearance and texture of the skin while balancing that with soft improvements in areas with volume loss.  It’s a gradual process that requires a combination approach, not a once-and-done procedure.


Improve the skin

secret to great skinA smart regimen of daily skin care is the foundation to looking and feeling better.  This includes the obvious like sunscreen and a good moisturizer.  Taking it to the next level includes antioxidant serums to prevent damage AND repair the effects of sun exposure.  Lightening creams combined with Vitamin C serum can improve sun spots and give a brighter, even complexion.  Exfoliation is also critical to reverse sun damage and signs of aging.

But that’s not all.  Your skin needs an occasional boost from time to time to continue the repair process and allow healthy skin to shine.  We find that a series of exfoliating laser treatments using the erbium laser alone or combined with a mild CO2 laser treatment can provide dramatic improvements with minimal downtime.


Restore volume

We all know that fillers are used for volume enhancement.  Sculptra is unique because it provides a gradual improvement in volume and stimulates your body to produce more collage to support the skin.  Combining Sculptra with laser treatments is the secret to youthful-looking skin without the risk of looking “done.”

Sculptra in Charleston, SCLearn more about Sculptra here

Smart use of other dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm can enhance the results without looking over-filled and artificial.


Relax the wrinkles

Botox on sale Charleston, SCWhether it is for prevention or to soften wrinkles that have already creased themselves into a permanent position, Botox and Dysport are great options for reducing those overly expressive lines.

Having your goals in mind and understanding the facial anatomy in intricate detail are the two key factors in giving you a soft, subtle, and natural improvement that will remain your secret and prevent you from looking “frozen.”



A combination approach is the best way to improve your skin and restore volume in a way that enhances your features.  It all starts with a consultation to review your desires and develop a customized plan to help you reach your goals.


Dr. David Rodwell specializes in facial cosmetic surgery and minimally invasive procedures such as laser treatments and Sculptra.  To learn more about your options and what to expect after fillers call our office at (843) 628-1415 to schedule a private consultation.