The Science Behind Vitamin C Serum

Serums have been around for many years, but recently there has been some new buzz about the benefits of adding a serum to your skincare routine.

Unfortunately, there are so many options out there that it is difficult to know which products are to be trusted.  Likewise, the science behind many serums (and other skin care products for that matter) is lacking.

How Vitamin C Serum Protects Your Skin

vitamin C serum

20% CE Ferulic serum from FaceMD

Everyone knows that prevention is a much better strategy than trying to fix a problem after the fact.  Vitamin C serum is a wonderful addition to your skin care because it helps to protect the skin from UV damage before it ever happens.

Antioxidant serums protect the skin from what is called “oxidative stress.”  One of the effects of UV radiation from the sun is that the UV energy causes changes in the skin cells on a very small scale leading to the formation of particles called free radicals.  The same thing happens with exposure to smoke and other pollutants in the environment.  These free radicals cause damage to the structure of your cells and DNA.  An antioxidant like vitamin C acts as a free radical scavenger to neutralize the potential damage before it happens.

Choosing the Right Product

It’s not as simple as just applying vitamin C to the skin.  You need the proper concentration and solution so that the antioxidants can be as effective on your skin as possible.  Years ago, many of the vitamin C serums were relatively unstable, and a great deal of the potential protection inside the bottle was wasted with an ineffective serum when used in real life.

A well cited study from 2005 reinforced the importance of adding two additional key ingredients.  Researchers found that adding another antioxidant called ferulic acid to the vitamin C as well as including Vitamin E (also with really great antioxidant properties) actually DOUBLED the protective effects versus using a serum that only contained vitamin C.

vitamin C serum science


The FaceMD 20% CE Ferulic serum that we carry was specifically designed with this solid background of evidence in mind.  Like the other FaceMD products, our 20% vitamin C serum has only the most effective organic ingredients that matter for getting real results— no extra dyes or fragrances.

We exclusively offer these products because they are trusted, safe, highly effective, and able to be offered at a fraction of the cost of other leading brands.


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