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Tips for an Easy Recovery After Eyelid Surgery

An upper eyelid lift or lower eyelid surgery to improve puffy eyes and loose wrinkled skin can make a huge impact without leaving you looking “done.”

charleston eyelid liftThese results simply cannot be duplicated with the many non-surgical options that are out there.  Eyelid surgery does require some downtime, but with these tips you will be on your way to an easier and faster recovery period.

Preparing for Eyelid Surgery

It is easy for doctors to give patients a list of medicines to avoid and a few things not to do, but here is some advice that you don’t often get.  Take some time to get your personal life in order so that your time off after surgery can be stress-free and relaxing.  Now is not the time for planning a big event or working after hours on a project for work.

Beyond that, your surgeon should make sure that you are in good health to proceed with the procedure.  Often, a visit to your Ophthalmologist for an eye exam can be helpful to make sure there are no additional reasons against having eyelid surgery in your specific case.

Supplements such as Arnica montana and bromelain may be helpful to reduce bruising and swelling in some patients, but there is very little scientific support for Arnica. Make sure you talk with your surgeon before starting any new medications, supplements, or herbals.

blepharoplasty and eyelid lift charleston, sc

After Surgery

The procedure itself is usually much easier than most people expect.  Now on to the recovery period!  Rest and relaxation are the key ingredients to a successful recovery after eyelid surgery.  Some bruising and swelling is part of the process, but you have a few options to keep those to a minimum.

Keep you head elevatedYou may also want to avoid overly salty foods to help keep swelling to a minimum.

Apply cold compressesUse for 15-20 minutes at a time frequently during the first 24 hours then less often for a few days.

Avoid strenuous activityWe advise very light activity for 1 week then slowly ease back into light exercise.

Rest your eyesToo much reading or browsing the internet often causes your eyes to feel irritated, tired, and heavy.

Dry eye sensations can also be a problem for some people.  This should be temporary and improves in the first 1-2 weeks.  We advise patients to use artificial tears drops as often as needed.

Enjoy Your New Look

For some people, this is the first time in YEARS that they can properly wear eye makeup.  Treat yourself to a makeup session with your favorite stylist to learn a few new tips for enhancing your look.

dreamstimeextrasmall_36880760Another great trick that keeps people guessing and is particularly helpful if you want to keep your eyelid lift a secret is to make some other changes to your appearance.

A simple change in your hairstyle or some stylish new glasses can be enough to have even your closest friends and family giving you compliments without figuring out exactly why you look so great!


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