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Tired of Looking Tired?

The areas of your face that are most closely linked with your personality are without any doubt the eyes and brow, and as you will see that area is closely tied into your emotions and how others perceive you.
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We constantly have patients who come into the office with concerns of looking older.  More often than not, they are beginning to see the problem areas in the lower face and neck and tend to focus on the jowls, deep lines around the mouth, and loose hanging skin in the neck.

The eyes are different.  Sure, many people feel that their eyes make them look older, but what is really interesting is how quick people are to describe the problems around their eyes and brow with emotional terms.


The eyes are expressive, and even during a split second first impression when meeting someone the appearance around the eyes gives a broad range of social cues.

Friends and coworkers may ask you if you are getting enough rest or why you always seem upset.  You might get annoyed with hearing “is something wrong?”  A constantly furrowed brow drastically changes the personal interactions for even the kindest of people, and heavy lids are a problem when that tired look on the outside doesn’t match the young and vibrant person on the inside.

Your Options

We’ll go into more detail on each of these in the next few blog posts.

When concealers and creams are no longer able to hide the problem areas the first step is to sit down and have a relaxed conversation about the areas that bother you and why you feel they are a problem.  The next step that is truly the most important job of your surgeon is to carefully analyze your face to not only determine what the underlying problems are but to then develop the best treatment options for your specific situation out of these 5 categories:

Feel free to use the links above to start learning more and stay tuned for the next few blog posts on each topic.


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