Using Fillers for Cheeks

One of Dr. Rodwell’s favorite uses for fillers is to revolumize the cheek area.


Juvederm Voluma XC results

The reason for this is that you can get such a natural and youthful appearance that, if done properly, provides an instant improvement to turn back the clock.

When treating the upper cheek area you’re putting volume back where it is supposed to be.  Sometimes people get carried away and overdo fillers in the lower face, and they run the risk of looking artificial because they are putting too much volume where it shouldn’t be.


Understand the Aging Process — the inverted triangle

Look at pictures of yourself when you were younger, and you will be able to see some of these changes.  When we are young there is a fullness in the middle and upper part of the face with a slimmer lower face around the smile lines and jawline.

Aging brings a heavy look to the lower face. Fillers can turn back the clock and restore volume to the cheeks while also giving a subtle lift.

Aging brings a heavy look to the lower face. Fillers can turn back the clock and restore volume to the cheeks while also giving a subtle lift.

With aging, the fullness around the cheekbones begins to sag and descend.  There is also volume loss in these areas.  You lose that brightness and rested look around the eyes and cheeks.  The end result is that the youthful triangle flips upside down.

There are great surgical options available to treat this problem, but for people considering a less invasive approach the use of fillers is a wonderful option.



Choosing the Right Filler for Cheek Enhancement

EPSON MFP imageIn a recent blog post we reviewed the basics of different fillers and how some are better than others in different areas.  For re-volumizing the cheeks you need a thick filler that is able to provide that extra lift.

Thick fillers:  Juvederm Voluma, Restylane Lyft, and Radiesse

The correct technique for using these fillers is to place them deeper than you would if treating fine superficial wrinkles around the mouth.  The deeper placement and thicker product helps to give that lift in addition to providing volume.

It is a quick and well-tolerated procedure that can be done in the office.  These fillers are temporary.  Since they are made of substances that are naturally occurring in your body they are slowly reabsorbed over time, but on average last anywhere from 10 – 20 months.

How long the results last will depend on 3 factors:

You and Dr. Rodwell can review the specific advantages of each filler to determine which is the best for your customized treatment plan.

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Dr. David Rodwell specializes in facial cosmetic surgery and minimally invasive procedures such as filler injections with Restylane Lyft, Voluma, and Radiesse.  To learn more about your options and what to expect after fillers call our office at (843) 628-1415 to schedule a private consultation.