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What’s New in Facial Plastic Surgery — Botox Cream?!

Well, it’s really more like a gel instead of a cream, but you get the point.  Keep your eyes peeled for a new product that will be coming to the market soon.

Some have been calling it Botox cream, but RT001 is a topical formulation of botulinum toxin type A.  There are already several good variations of botulinum toxin available to help rid you of wrinkles, but they all require the solution to be injected with a needle.  This one is designed to get similar results without the poke.

Botulinum toxin injection has been, hands down, the most commonly performed non-invasive cosmetic procedure for several years in a row, and the developers of RT001 hope to offer consumers a new option.


How Does It Work?

Crows Feet, Botox creamAll botulinum toxins work by interrupting the signaling pathway between a nerve and the muscle fibers that it controls.  Simply put, the muscle activity is diminished which leads to less of the wrinkles that are a direct result of the action of those muscles just under the skin surface.

RT001 doesn’t change the toxin.  It’s more about altering the formulation of the solution and using a patented peptide complex to help deliver the botulinum toxin through the skin.  This newly developed product has already made its way into Phase 3 clinical trials and has shown some promising results.

The main area that it is designed for is the crow’s feet (officially called lateral canthal lines).  These are the fine lines around the eyes that you see when smiling or squinting.


Will We Use It?

Maybe, maybe not.  Honestly, injections of Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are so well-tolerated that most patients have little concern with the quick and easy procedure.  For those that are slightly uncomfortable, a numbing cream can be applied before the injections.  Also, the injection method is very reliable with consistent predictable results based on many years of experience.

We’ll let this new topical botulinum toxin get a good track record before jumping on the bandwagon.


Dr. David Rodwell specializes in facial cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatments like Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin.  To learn more about your options and what to expect after this type of procedure call our office at (843) 628-1415 to schedule a private consultation.